Last Day and Closing Ceremony

The last day of the Stanford Honor Academy we solely worked on the City Designing , the only exception was before lunch when we took some photos for ceremony and also made a Skype call with a Game Programmer. We called Vander Caballero, who is my teacher’s friend. We  asked him questions and he told us his story on how he made his game and how his life pointed him to be a game programmer. If you didn’t know he made a game called Papo & Yo which was relatively successful. After we asked him questions, I stayed and specifically asked him for a free copy of his game (cheeky me). He was really nice and gave me and the other people who asked questions a code for the game. The closing ceremony went pretty smooth, we showed our parents our projects and then received a Diploma , a T-Shirt and the Business card of our teacher. I will be posting soon all the things we learned in a HUGE post. Here is a photo of the mini-city:

City of Nyan Ville
City of Nyan Ville


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